What is SpeakUp!Rewards?

SpeakUp!Rewards is a reward website that connects you to surveys about many different, interesting topics. In return for sharing your opinion and speaking up, we reward you with real money.

How does SpeakUp!Rewards work?

  1. First, simply sign up with your email address.
  2. Next, complete a profiling questionnaire so we can provide you with the survey that suits you best.
  3. Once you complete a survey honestly you will receive the promised reward.
  4. After you have reached a certain amount of Credit you will be able to cash out.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid through Paypal by our partner Tango Cards who will send you an email to redeem your credit.

How much can I redeem?

Once you have reached the $5 threshold, you can cash out at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s an even $5 or if its $6.37. You will get exactly what you redeemed.

How long until I receive my reward after I have redeemed it?

We typically send out the rewards at the end of the week. With consideration of the processing time of our partner Tango Card, this means you will get your reward early, the following week.

Sometimes it might take longer because we have to do quality checkups. In these rare cases the process can take as long as 14 days.

How does SpeakUp!Rewards pay me for completing surveys?

Market research companies like us, partner with large companies from around the world that are on the constant lookout for consumers’ feedback on all types of goods and services. These companies pay us for every completed survey and in return we pass these funds along to you.

How is SpeakUp!Rewards different from other survey websites?

Like some other websites we will in some instances redirect you to other partners in the market research industry that are also looking for respondents, but we are different then most of the reward websites out there, because we also conduct our own research.

These fun surveys will be passed on to you as soon as they come online. Doing this, we ensure that you can make the most of the valuable time you spend on our website.

Is my information safe?

Your information is protected and cannot be accessed by third parties. We only pass on the information that you provide in your survey responses, which is used exclusively market research purposes.

If you decide to cash out we will pass on the necessary information to our partner tango card in order to reward you.

Is there a maximum amount of surveys I can do per day?

There is no maximum amount of surveys in which you can participate. However, sometimes there are no more surveys available that match your profile. We encourage you to try again a bit later.

Does SpeakUp!Rewards only allow respondents from certain countries?

We allow respondents from all over the world. However market research demand is different between the different countries around the world.

Why do I have to answer all questions honestly?

We rely on your honest feedback to create valuable insights that can improve products and services.

Your answers are cross-checked with data from your profile to identify inconsistencies, speeding or any other attempts to defraud us or our partnering organisations. If we identify evidence of fraud, you will receive a lower Trustscore, meaning that you will qualify for less surveys and potentially forfeit your earnings.

Why did I not qualify for a survey?

The researches behind the surveys we show you are looking for a specific target audience. This means to qualify for a specific survey you have to belong to a certain demographic group, have a certain age, geographic location and certain interest or other particularities.

If you are disqualified answering the pre-screening questionnaire it means you weren’t an exact fit. Don’t be discouraged. There are many other surveys out there you might apply to. Just give it another try to see what is available for you.

What can I do to qualify for surveys more often?

The deeper your profile is the more surveys our algorithm can match with you. For any missing data we will ask you a few questions to find out if you can qualify for the survey. We will remember this information so we don’t have to ask you again in the future.

Will SpeakUp!Rewards send me emails?

We will send you surveys that your profile applies to best. Besides that, you will receive special offers that include surveys with our own research.

Naturally, you can opt out on these notifications anytime.